How To Get Your Learners License

Becoming a Legal Driver


There are 2 steps you have to complete before you can become a legal Driver in South Africa.


1.     Pass your Learners License

2.    Pass your Drivers License




Firstly, get yourself a K53 Learners License Manual and start studying through it thoroughly.

Contact us, to assist you with some study material that could help you.

As soon as you feel confident enough to write the test,  book for your Learners License test at the Traffic Department closest to you.

What you need to Book :

ID Book +  Copy 

2  x ID photos

Recent proof of address (No later than 3 months)

Fee's Payable to Traffic Station. ± R216 (This amount may change annually)


What to do at Traffic Department :

Make sure to first collect the form (Application for Learners License)  when entering the Traffic Station, complete it and then go do your Eye Test. If you wear glasses or contacts, please remember to take them with you.

Only after the eye test has been completed you can go to the queue to book and pay.

Get your Learners